It’s March and graduation is just around the corner for many Kansas City area seniors.  Every year about this time, we start to receive phone calls from parents who are nearing panic mode because they hadn’t scheduled a senior portrait session for their son or daughter.  Whether you didn’t have time or you just procrastinated, we are experts at providing awesome senior portrait sessions at the last minute while ensuring you receive what you need for your graduation announcements, senior slideshow, grad party invitations, etc…

But let’s get real for a minute.  Call today.  Don’t procrastinate another minute because Spring dates are booking quickly right now because you aren’t the only one that waited or had too busy of a schedule to get senior pictures done.  We need to have your pre-session consultation, your photo session and then have your back in for your personal View & Choose session before we can place an order for you.  It requires a bit of time to get this all done..  That time grows shorter each day you wait.

Call the studio today and let’s talk about how we are going to create an amazing, custom senior portrait experience for your son or daughter and then get it scheduled so you can have everything you want and need in adequate time and relieve the stress and worry of that!  Call 816-260-1060 and let’s start planning!




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