In her own words - Angelea, Class of 2019 Model Team member



How Maxxum Photography Has Influenced Me

My name is Angelea Hernandez, and I have been blessed to be a Senior model for the Maxxum Photography Team in the 2018- 2019 school year.  I’ve enjoyed being able to have the opportunity to model as a Senior in High School, but there are certain factors of Maxxum Photography that have influenced me in an even better way. I’ve cherished the amazingly unique senior pictures, professional hair and makeup that I get to receive on shoots, and a “bursting-from-the-seams” style closet filled with new and preppy clothes. There are some other aspects, however, that touched me even more than the many shoes and sparkling jewelry in the style closet!

Being a model on this team, I’ve got to experience many days in and out of the studio. I get to spend precious moments with the other girls on the model team and truly be a part of a family that strives to build confidence and spread kindness, bringing others joy. As I go out on shoots and help Dave, I can see the way in which every young woman or young man is treated as a special senior, deserving of a relaxed and unique session prepared specifically for them. The one thing that Maxxum Photography always makes sure to uphold is the idea that every young woman or man has unique talents and interests that are deserving of praise. Whether this is a love of books and painting, being a tuba player, or killing it as a softball player, Maxxum Photography shows each young person that their interests are important. When my cousin came in for her session and was taken through the Style Closet, “done-up” by the amazing stylist, and given a day for herself, I could see the joy rise inside her, not to mention the day she saw her pictures, I saw the confidence radiating in her smile.

These are the moments that I’ve gotten to cherish because of Maxxum Photography. These are the moments that Maxxum Photography cherishes and the moments that you will cherish!

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