We sit down and meet with every senior who uses our studio so that we can get to know them, their vision for their senior portraits and offer them tips on how to best prepare for their session and make it a totally stress free day that they can just relax and enjoy.  We just want to be able to pamper them and create lasting memories for them on their special day.

During these consultations, we have heard from several moms this year already who have shared their regrets about using another photographer for their older children or they had already had pictures done for this child but were unhappy with the results and have now come to us.  These are stories we don’t like to hear from our clients because we know that it has cost them both emotionally and financially.  The old saying rings true, “If you’re going to do it, do it right the first time.”   One mom shared with us that they used a bargain type photographer for her older son and the photos were so over exposed that you could hardly make him out in the pictures.  After that fiasco, she decided she was going to use an “expensive” photographer and they were not happy with that person’s work either!

In this day and age where “everyone’s a photographer”, it is important to choose someone who will provide you with high quality images first and foremost.  This opportunity to capture your child as you see them now, at a pivotal time in their life as they reach adulthood and are about to take life’s next journey is so important and shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone.  If you value quality and want your child to have an unrivaled senior portrait experience,  along with peace of mind knowing you chose an experienced, award winning photography studio, we would love to be your choice for your child.  We’ll ensure you have no regrets and that you have beautiful images and products to cherish for a lifetime.

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