Our Kansas City, Missouri senior portrait studio is well known for our Senior Model Team and the creative photo shoots we do with them.  Each year, beginning in the late Fall, we take applications from those interested in being on our team.  We met Kendall at one of our information meetings earlier this year and we were immediately impressed by her enthusiasm, her interest in teen fashion and photography.  She was an easy selection for our Class of 2017 Model Team and we couldn’t be happier with our selection.

Kendall has already participated in a number of photo shoots with us and she recently had her Premiere View & Choose Session to view all of her images to date.  It was a fun reveal and her images are just awesome.  She had some great ideas for her senior portrait session that really told the story of who she is and we love how creative she is.  During her actual senior portrait session, we used Kansas City’s Loose Park as well as the River Market area to create the type of images she envisioned.  Many had an editorial feel to them and it was so fun to shoot something in that style.  She wanted to highlight how she loves to work on her Macbook as well as her interest in photography. She also wanted to capture the city itself so we used the high rise buildings and city skyline as backdrops so that some of her images will remind her of her home town, even decades from now when she looks through her beautiful keepsake album.

We look forward to photographing Kendall more as well as the other members of our Model Team as the year progresses.   She is great at posing and can pull off a number of styles and looks, although the trendy Bohemian (Boho) style is her absolute favorite.  Kendall is a client assistant on many of our senior portrait sessions and loves to help with styling, jewelry selection and accessories when help is requested.  Even our other model Team members have gone to her for fashion assistance and we love the fact that she is always willing to help!  Thanks for being YOU, Kendall!

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