Each year at our senior portrait photography studio in Kansas City, we plan a number of “themed” photo shoots that our senior model team members get to participate in.  In the recent past, we have done a 1920’s “Great Gatsby” shoot, a “Back to the Future” photo shoot that featured a Delorean automobile, and a Steampunk shoot that featured a WWII era biplane. We always put a great deal of time and effort into these shoots to make them as authentic and over the top as we can.  We really enjoy shopping for the clothing we use, browsing through vintage clothing shops throughout Missouri and Kansas as well as thrift stores.  We love incorporating props as well and our girls love getting professional hair and makeup for each theme shoot we do.

A few weeks ago, we went retro with a 1960’s theme shoot that featured our models in some wild, vintage dresses and we added the fun element of Go Go boots.  We shared our vision for the shoot with our AWESOME hair and makeup artist, Mandy McKenna, who has aced every challenge we have tasked her with and this photo shoot was no exception.  We wanted authentic 60’s hairstyles and makeup for the models and Mandy totally nailed the look we wanted.

One of the biggest challenges of the day was that two of the three models we had scheduled for the shoot had illnesses preventing them from participating.  That left us scrambling a bit on the day of the shoot but fortunately we were able to find two great substitutes!  Our Team ’17 member Hailee was joined by one of our recent senior portrait clients, Hope, and her sister Grace.  These three totally hit it off from the start and really got into the mood of the shoot as we danced and sang to 60’s era music in the studio.  You could tell the girls were really feeling our groovy and wild theme and they totally nailed the looks we were going for.  YEAH BABY!

In studio, we photographed the girls using high key lighting and it was perfect for the outfits they were wearing.  Sunglasses and hula hoops all made for some fun shots prior to our adventure outside for some on location photography.  We headed to the old town square in Liberty, MO. The square features historical buildings and we felt it would make a great backdrop for the images and give us a vintage flair.  As we walked around the square, the girls captured the attention of many people who were also visiting the area and they received many compliments on their attire and looks.  They may have stopped some traffic too!

We couldn’t be happier with the results of the photo shoot and we are happy to share the images with you below.  Thank you to Hailee, Hope & Grace for making this shoot a great success and to Mandy McKenna for the amazing work on their hair and makeup.

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