Meet Taylor, a Class of 2017 Senior at Staley High in Kansas City, Missouri.  Taylor is beautiful, both inside and out, and was so fun to photograph  As we spoke at her pre-session consultation at our studio, it was clear she had a pretty good idea as to what she wanted that would fit her style.  After discussing a few location options, she decided upon a rustic setting that was a perfect fit.  We also discussed clothing selection and gave her a tour of our Couture Closet where she was able to pick out some fashion and accessories to use for her senior portrait session.

Taylor’s session began with airbrushed makeup and hairstyling by our HMUA, Mandy.  She is a master at giving our girls a beautiful, natural look and the girls love the pampering experience.  We typically start all of our senior portrait sessions in our photography studio before heading out on location, but rain was fast approaching from the West and we made a decision to head out on location first to beat it.  It was the perfect call as we enjoyed the soft light from the mostly cloudy sky as we traversed the offerings of an amazing location.  The rustic buildings and scenery provided the perfect backdrop for Taylor and the clothing she had chosen for her portrait session.  Her floral headband and dress combined with the beautiful, flower filled garden we used toward the end of her session allowed us to create some stunning images.

As we headed back to our vehicles to return to the studio, we got caught in a light rain.  Our reflector saved the day as Taylor was able to use it to block the rain and keep her looking fresh.  Needless to say, we had a few laughs on the way back to the car because of our situation!

Thank you Taylor for choosing Maxxum Photography and the Ultimate Senior Portrait Experience!  We hope that the rest of your Senior year is awesome!


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