Have you ever visited a photographer’s website and they say they specialize in wedding, senior, maternity, family and children’s photography?  Have you ever wondered how they can specialize in so many genre’s of photography?  When it comes to being a specialist, we believe that you can only specialize in one thing and be great in that one thing only, by giving it your full attention and being laser focused.  That’s why we only do senior portrait photography and nothing else.  We want to provide our clients an amazing senior portrait experience and we believe we do just that because our single focus is on providing the very best senior portrait experience in Kansas City.

We have everything planned down to the smallest detail.  On our About Us page, we talk about some of those details that set us a part from others offering senior portrait photography.  Our premium senior portrait experience is one of a kind and we are constantly looking for ways to improve your time with us on your special day.  In fact, right now we are making a substantial investment in a project at our studio that will  raise the bar for a senior portrait session in Kansas City.  Since the project is still in the construction stage, we aren’t quite ready to give details on it but we believe it will be an amazing addition to the already high level of service and experience we provide.

We have also recently added some new, high quality items to our product offerings that offer our seniors a premium option to display the images from their portrait session.  Not only do we create beautiful and unique photographs for our seniors, we also create custom designed print products that feature those images in a creative and unique way.  The products we offer are often hand crafted and specifically chosen for the craftsmanship and high quality.  Your images deserve nothing less.  We will be featuring some of these products in future posts here on our blog and we look forward to sharing them with you.


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