If you’re a high school athlete, we know you’re tired of the same old, same old pictures you get on team picture day.  Boring lighting, boring posing…we get it.  Maxxum Photography has changed all of that.  We offer our “Premier Sportraits” with your senior portrait session.  Now, you can get some amazing sports photos that will make your friends jealous and have your teammates wanting Maxxum Photography to do your team photo day!


We create our “Premier Sportraits” both on location as well as our studio, so matter what session you choose for your senior portrait session, you have the opportunity to get some amazing sports photos.  One of the best products to display your Sportraits on is our metal print.  If you haven’t seen one of our metal prints, you should!  The colors are intense and it’s one of our studio’s most popular products, for all types of prints.

At Maxxum Photography, we are the innovation leaders for Senior Portraits in the Kansas City area.  Senior Portrait photography is all we do and that lets us focus on creating the ultimate experience for our seniors.  Call today to schedule your photo session.  We have extremely limited availability this year and you don’t want to miss out on the Maxxum Photography experience!

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