Senior Portrait Model Team Theme Shoot in Kansas City

One of the things we do at our Kansas City senior portrait studio is put together a model team each year.  Members of the team represent our studio at their area high school.  One of the benefits of being on the team is that you get to participate in some of our creative photo shoots, aptly named “theme shoots”.   We do several of them each year and this year, one of them was our Back to the Future shoot.  The timing was perfect as this year was the 30th anniversary of the making of the original film.

Luckily for us, we happen to have a friend who owns a Delorean.  It was just a matter of assembling our cast of characters and coming up with the appropriate wardrobe.  After choosing our participants (Claire, Anna, Megan and Emma), we began our search for wardrobe at Vintage Vogue, a Kansas City area vintage clothing store.  We had shopped there previously for our Great Gatsby theme shoot and we were able to find some cool clothing that would work well for our shoot.  For Marty McFly, we scored a vintage orange puffy vest off eBay and picked up the rest of his outfit and some resale and thrift stores.

On the day of our photo shoot, our hair and makeup artist, Mandy McKenna, did the honors of styling the girls perfectly.  For the 80’s styled girls, that meant lots of hairspray!   Once we had everyone ready, we used our senior portrait studio for both some individual and group shots before we headed outdoors for our on location shoot.  We used historic Liberty Square, which we felt was the location we felt we could use that was somewhat representative of scenes in the movie.   While on location, we (and the car) drew a lot of interest!

All in all, it was a fun experience for our senior model team members and we were able to exercise some creativity that day and try some new things.  That’s what we like to do here at our Kansas City Senior Portrait studio and we look forward to doing more theme shoots with our Class of 2017 Senior Model Team that we will be selecting by the end of this month.

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