Savannah wall clusters

Hi Carrie,

Here are three options for you to either use the 16×24 metal print that comes with your collection or some upgrade options.  The price of each and what is included is listed with each option.

Option 1 – This is the arrangement above the loveseat in our studio (The Big E) and we added three images above the feature image.  The feature image is 20×32 and the others images are 10×13.  Overall size is 32″W x 48″H.  To add this to your order, the cost is $806.

Option 2 – This option is the cluster that uses the 16×24 that come sin your collection and upgrades it to the Formal 4 by adding an 11×17 and two 8×12’s.  Then we added six 10×10″ prints to it, three on each side.  The overall size is 34″H x 46″W.  The cost of this design is $943.

Option 3 – This option puts two of our Formal Four designs together so you are using the 16×24 in your collection and then upgrading to the Formal Four cluster which adds and 11×17 and two 8×12’s.  We then added another Formal Four cluster to make the design.  Overall size is 34″H x 47″W.  The cost to add this is $1048.

We can work with you on what images to use and show you a proof like these before you finalize the order.

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