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If elected as President of the Midwest Krawlers, I intend to use my past experience leading a non-profit corporation as well as my experience operating a successful, award winning business for the betterment of our club.   I believe we have many opportunities to improve communication to club members, set and communicate clear goals and objectives for the club and increase our off-roading opportunities and activities for the membership.  With your help, this will be just some of the things I hope to improve with the assistance of the other newly elected members of the Board. 





My Experience

  • Served as President of a non-profit corporation with an annual budget of $250,000 and reserve fund of $200,000.
  • My wife and I operate an award winning, internationally published photography studio; recognized as one of the top in the nation. I also host workshops where business owners from across the country travel to Kansas City to be trained and mentored by me.
  • I have worked for Ford Motor Company for 31 years in multiple roles. I have been in my current position for 13 years, ensuring environmental compliance to EPA, Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the City of Kansas City regulations.  I will be retiring shortly and look forward to dedicating my newly found free time to the club.
  • I am a certified trainer through the community college district.

My Goals and Objectives

I want to help lead the club going forward, making it a welcoming club for all of those who want to learn more about their vehicles, explore the great outdoors and find new friendships while doing so.  As member #37 and someone who has been around near the inception, off-roading and people in this club have changed my life.  I want to ensure it does the same for others.

I love to lead out on the trails and enjoy helping others learn to do the same so we continue to grow the number of people we have that can lead groups during club events.

If elected as President of the Midwest Krawlers, I intend to use my past non-profit leadership experience as well as my business management skills for the betterment of our club.  If we are to operate our club as a non-profit corporation (which is the current chosen method), we must follow the rules that are in place by the government as well as our club bylaws and operate as such.

If elected as President, I will work hard to ensure we do the following:


  • Create a detailed annual budget and monthly reporting as to how we are performing to that budget. Accurate accounting of club funds is paramount to ensure club member confidence in the leadership.
  • Our bylaws need updating so they better fit a nonprofit organization and I have already put together an updated version for consideration. A link to them may be found below.
  • I am a firm believer that as we bring in funds, we need to distribute them to the projects we have planned for. Large fund balances tend to give people wild ideas to use them for.
  • Offer two club sponsored wheeling opportunities per month for club members. Pop up wheeling events may still occur but I don’t think you should be told to make an event if you want a group to go wheeling with.  We are an off-road club and we can make those opportunities regularly scheduled events with the guidance and participation of the Board members and other volunteers.  I will commit to leading one wheeling event per month during the period of March – November.  I would also like to see some of our club traditions continue such as the Sunflower Trail ride and the SMORR Labor Day trip.  I would also like to see some bigger excursions to Colorado, Moab, etc.  Many would like to go but don’t have the experienced people to go with.  Our club could sponsor some larger excursions for the members.
  • If you are unable to pick up your swag and membership items and are willing to pay the cost of shipping, I believe we can ship those items to you. I will work with the board member in charge of swag to ensure we do that.  I know many of you have had an issue with this.
  • Improve communication through a modern website, mobile app and a quarterly digital publication that features member profiles, stories related to our past events, etc. I will have a link to a mobile app on my webpage soon that shows the possibilities.
  • Create a club directory for member services. We often see people seeking recommendations for club members who perform services.  We will create a database for that purpose so that if you wish to seek out the help of a member you may do so.
  • Contrary to rumors, social events will continue to be a big part of our club. We joined this club because we want to be a part of something.  I personally have formed many great friendships out on the trails and it is because of this club.  We love ice cream, raising funds for a great cause and gathering with other like-minded friends in our free time during the week when we can’t get out on a trail.  That will certainly continue as no one person or the Board could stop such from occurring.
  • If elected as President, I will make myself available to all to hear your thoughts and ideas for the club. We may not always agree on all things, but I will always be available to all that would like some of my time to talk discuss any matter.


Here are a couple things I am opposed to:

  • Making membership growth a top priority. Our club should be at a size where the Board can meet the needs and expectations of the members.  This club should not be about numbers and dollar signs.  If we are seeking out community service projects to get on TV to grow club membership, we are obviously doing things for the wrong reason.  Philanthropy is best done without expectation of reward.  Our reward is doing for others.
  • As much as I like Christmas parties and hanging with friends, I won’t be supporting the expenditure of $6000+ for a club party. I can’t help but think how that money could be better spent in our community, especially since many, maybe even the majority of members can’t attend.  I know we can find better uses for those funds and I bet the vast majority of members agree with that.

I also believe in honesty and integrity in serving and will be transparent with the membership in any matter.  Regular updates to the membership on Board actions will be provided through frequent updates as well as through the minutes of Board meetings which will be regularly published.  You, the members, deserve to know what your club is doing on your behalf and your questions answered.  I will help ensure that.

We all love our vehicles and the fun we have in them on and off road.  We all love being a part of something and I hope the Midwest Krawlers will continue to be that place for you and I.   I’m confident the newly elected Board will be able to work together to accomplish all of this and I would like the opportunity to lead that as your President.

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Proposed bylaws changes

changes noted in red.
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More info coming soon


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