Here is your album design preview.  We did our best in laying out all of the images but we had to leave two out to get everything to lay out in a good design.  There are a couple options available to you to make a design difference in the album besides move some images around.  The first option would be to take some images out which will allow us to make some of the images larger in the album.  The second option would be to add a couple more spreads to the album which would free up some more space for all of your favorite images.  The cost to do this is $45 per spread.  We know you wanted the metal print album with 15 spreads originally and you could add 5 spreads to this album if you choose to equal it in size.  Just want you to know there are options available to you and we can help in anyway needed.

Let us know what you think of this design and you can discuss what you want to do.  The first three images are cover designs that you can choose from.  The image you chose will take up the entire front of the album so the design you see around it will wrap to the inside and not be seen.  The page spreads follow and we can move things around of you wish to feature your favorite images larger.

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